(1) The lessee must treat the apartment and its inventory with care. The inventory is intended exclusively for staying in the apartments. The setting of furnishings, especially beds, is prohibited.

(2) The tenant is obliged to comply with the house rules. From 22:00 to 7:00 a.m. the night’s rest is valid. During this time, special consideration is required for the roommates and neighbours. TV and audio devices must be set to room volume.

(3) The subletting or re-letting of the abandoned apartment and its use for purposes other than residential purposes is not permitted.

(4) The accommodation of pets of any kind is prohibited in the apartment.

(5) There is a general smoking ban in the apartment. In the event of infringements, the landlord may charge a cleaning fee of up to €200.00. Smoking is only allowed on balconies and terraces.

(6) The installation and/or installation of materials for decoration or the like is not permitted in the apartment. In the event of an infringement, the lessee shall, if necessary, compensate the landlord for the installation, installation and installation of decoration or similar. damages incurred.

(7) The booking of the apartment includes the use of a parking space. No more than one parking space per apartment may be occupied. 


(8) The apartment must be left clean. The waste must be properly disposed of in the available tonnes. Dishes and pots must be rinsed, there is a dishwasher. This must be cleared before departure.

(9) Duvet covers must be removed from the pillows, blankets and beds before departure and placed on the bed.


Die angegebenen Bedingungen sind Teil der AGB.