Top things to do in Günzburg and its surroundings

In this article we report on the variety of leisure activities in Günzburg and the surrounding area. So read on carefully to get to know our top activities in Günzburg and the surrounding area.

All leisure activities can be found here.



Main entrance LEGOLAND®Germany

LEGOLAND® Germany is the largest amusement park in the area and one of Bavaria's biggest tourist attractions. In 2012, the park was even named the most child-friendly theme park.

The park offers fun for young and old. While children enjoy exciting rides, parents can marvel at the miniature world of the lavishly built Miniland.

The Legoland can also be easily reached by bike. More information can be found on our bike routes.

Top Wakeboard things to do in Günzburg

There are two different possibilities in the Günzburg area. On the one hand you can be pulled over the lake at a lift and on the other hand there is the chance to jet directly behind a motorboat. Whether water skiing, kneeboard or wakeboard, there is something for everyone.

For water skiing at the lift you can go here.

For the water fun behind the boat it goes here.


Top Swimming In Günzburg and the surrounding area

On the subject of bathing fun, there are plenty of offers in Günzburg, which predominate in summer.

In the warm season, the Waldbad Günzburg is available. It has a large swimming pool with a 3 meter diving tower. There is also a shallow pool for children with an exciting water slide. The sunbathing lawn is huge, so that there is always space even on full days. Because the sunbathing lawn is home to many large trees, which also give the Waldbad its name, the Waldbad is also a shady point of contact on hot summer days. In addition, there are beach volleyball courts, a kiosk for hot snacks and much more.

For nature lovers and open water swimmers, Günzburg is a true paradise because of its vast dredging lake landscape. Also very close to the apartment there are some bathing lakes.  The nearest lake is Lake Lutzenberg, which is only about 1 km from the apartment.  

In case of bad weather, the indoor pool Leipheim is available, which has a swimming pool, a heated outdoor pool and a children's pool. There is also a small kiosk and an exciting slide.


For larger bathing experiences, however, you should drive a little further away, so there are many adventure baths and thermal baths in the surrounding area. Here are some links to these baths. 



Nature and culture in Günzburg

More top things to do in Günzburg and the surrounding area

Football Golf Leipheim

In Leipheim you can experience a very special variety. The so-called football golf. On 18 holes you can experience mini golf anew, namely with a football. Depending on the talent and skill of the players or number of players, a run takes about two hours. On site, you can stock up on cool drinks at a small stall.

We recommend going to football golf at night. The sun then stands low and makes a wonderful summer flair in clear weather.


Paintball Günzburg 

Less than 4 km from the apartment there is the possibility to play paintball.  There used to be a barracks there. Today there are 7 different paintball playing fields, which have a total area of 8500 m2.  This activity is just right for adrenaline junkies. In case of bad weather you can even play in a large hall.

It is allowed to play from the age of 18. For safety, a suitable game date should be reserved.  Click here for the website of Paintball Günzburg.


Karting in Günzburg 

Only about 3 km from the apartment there is an exciting go-kart track. At Bavaria Kart Günzburg you can get the racing driver out of yourself in the 3000 m² hall.  The route is rerouted every 2 months, so there is always variety. In the summer months, the piste is even extended by an outdoor area in good weather. Also here at Bavaria Kart there are great savings offers, which you can find on the website.


Electric karting in Ulm

Are you a fan of the thoroughbred electric motor? Then you should definitely go to the ECOdrom in Neu-Ulm. Because there are electrically powered go-karts here. They convince by a very good acceleration and low noise background. Be sure to take a look at the opening hours of the karting track. The karting track can thus become an exciting evening design.


Laser day Neu-Ulm

Have you always wanted to play laser tag like in American movies? Then the Lasertag Arena in Neu-Ulm is the right place for you. On more than 1000 m2 you can let your fun run free here. The arcade is darkened and equipped with black light lamps. You'll have to cheat your way through the labyrinth-like structure to meet your opponents.

Our recommendation: Check the website for possible offers and discount days.

If you have had enough of playing laser tag, there are also so-called escape rooms in the same hall. In these, the solving of successive puzzles must be "broken out" from a locked room. Here it is recommended to check the availability of the rooms before visiting. However, because there are six different rooms, availability should often be given.