Top Shopping in Günzburg, France

Read in this article all about the top shopping opportunities in Günzburg. There are a number of great options to shop in Günzburg and the surrounding area. This article is divided into the topics of grocery shopping and shopping.

Top grocery shopping in Günzburg

Directly in Reisensburg you can already buy the most important groceries. There is a bakery that is very close to the apartments. The district and district hospital of Günzburg is a few minutes' walk away. The Parkcafe in the beautiful free-running park area of the district clinics offers a nice change to Günzburger Cafes and is only a few minutes' walk away.


To make larger food purchases, you should go to Günzburg. Here are the larger markets, such as REWE, V-Market and Netto

This map shows the mentioned shopping facilities in Reisensburg and Günzburg.

Top places to shop in Günzburg

The beautiful and cosy old town of Günzburg is ideal for shopping. From medium-sized department stores to small jewelry boutiques, everything is there. A wide range of fashion stores is also available.

Because the city center of Günzburg is only about a 20-minute walk from

Top places to shop in Ulm

The town of Ulm is just a 35-minute drive from the apartment. Parking is available thanks to the numerous car parks.

Ulm is also wonderfully accessible by train, as trains depart every half-hour from Günzburger Bahnhof.  A single train ride costs about 8 euros. 

In addition to the great leisure activities and sights described under Activities in Günzburg , the city has a large pedestrian zone with many shops.