The 5 best bike tours in Günzburg

This article clearly shows the 5 best bike tours in Günzburg.  We have planned for you different bike routes with different duration, difficulty and sights. You can also view and follow the routes in Google Maps.

In general, the district of Günzburg is a cycling paradise, because with over 700km of cycling routes there is something for everyone. Click here for more information from the county's tourism authority on cycling.  For example, you will find the nearby stage of the Danube Cycle Path Günzburg – Offigen here.

The current Günzbike bike map as pdf download can be found here.

Top 1 Small Danube Route


  • ferienwohnung_guenzburg_Römerturm
10.4 km
1.5 h
200 m
80% dirt roads , 20% public roads

Description small Danube route


The small Danube route with its 10.4 km is a fast and pleasant round for the evening. Here you can end a busy day benevolently. Right at the beginning, the route winds along the Danube. The bike path is only a few meters from the river. Shortly before the Offinger dam, a landscape worth marveling was created by a restoration project. Instead of once barren dikes, there are now many small sneeps to discover. This section of the Danube is a true paradise for birds, as they often set up their breeding grounds here. On the Danube, swans are also at home, which they can feed from the shore, which promises fun for young and old.

After the animal spectacle, you can enjoy a cool drink or a meal at the Offinger cycling station, which is again directly on the Danube. In Offingen itself there is a public Kneipp pool through which you can wade. 

On the way back, the route leads you over the Landstrost area and through the Herrenwald. But before that you can climb a lookout tower, which is built in Roman style. On days with clear visibility, even the distant Alps can be spotted from up there. After a long slight climb through probably fragrant rapefields, you reach the Herrenwald, at the end of which the apartment awaits you.

Top 2 – Legoland Tour

  • ferienwohnung_guenzburg_Route_Legolandtour
    Route 2: Legolandtour
6.4 km
1 h
200 m
90% tarred cycle path, 10% public roads

Description Legolandtour

This route shows the bike path to LEGOLAND® Germany.

Top 3 – Cave Tour


10.4 km
1.5 h
200 m
80% dirt roads , 20% public roads

Description Cave tour

Top 4 – Great Danube Round

40 km
1.5 h
200 m
80% dirt roads , 20% public roads

Description Large Danube Round


This route takes you halfway along the Danube. For the most part, the Danube is right next to the bike route, so that the breathtaking landscape can be admired. Furthermore, a variety of native waterfowl and other small animals can be experienced.  At Gundelfingen, the Danube is then dammed up in a small area. As a result, the river appears extremely wide and invites you to relax. Shortly before Lauingen there is a small ruin of a Roman temple, which you can visit 24 hours a day. The temple dates back to 160 n. Ad. Once you arrive in Lauingen, for example, you can stop at a local fish bar. There are locally bred fish.

Top 5 – Hill Stormers

  • ferienwohnung_guenzburg_Route-hügelstürmer
    Route 5: Hügelstürmer
15 km
1.5 h
A lot
90% dirt roads , 5% public roads , 5% tarred cycle path

Description Hill striker

This route takes you across the hilly floodplains between Reisensburg and Offingen. A mountain bike is recommended.


  • Roman Lookout Tower
  • Uriger Herrenwald

This tour has it all. It is a track for true athletes and lets your pulse rise to peak values. The track is an eternal ups and downs, which is why it offers an excellent balance between pedalling violently and high driving speeds. First, you drive along a longer level section next to the railway tracks, which are directly on the Danube.  Then turn into the depths of the Herrenwald to go up a steep mountain. Then we lead you to an observation tower, whose construction is reminiscent of that of the ancient Romans. On the one hand, you have a breathtaking view of the floodplain forests and the adjacent villages up there. On the other hand, the athletes can use the numerous steps among you as further conditioning training in addition to the hilly bike tour.

After visiting the Roman Tower, you cycle over the wide floodplains of the area around Landstrost. This is followed by the challenging final phase of this tour. The route now leads you again through the middle of the Herrenwald over partly heavily washed out roads, which gives you a real mountain bike feeling. They have to fight their way through deep hollow paths and wide gorges. After one last steep stretch, you can then let yourself roll home relaxed.

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The 5 top routes at a glance

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