Rent a bike in Günzburg

Günzburg is an ideal starting point for cycling tours in Bavarian Swabia. Whether in the Donaumoos, on the premium cycle path or in the Danube valleys or the well-known Danube Cycle Path, you can enjoy nature undisturbed. In addition, you can simply cycle along the many smaller rivers, for example Mindel, Kammel and Günz. Here, too, there are family-friendly cycle paths and stops.

E-Bike Rental

The city of Günzburg offers an ebike rental. For only 20€ per day you can easily start your bike tour in Günzburg between May and October and uncomplicated. Under this link to the Tourist Information of the city of Günzburg you will find telephone numbers and email addresses for reserving the bikes.

Bike rental

In addition, you can easily rent bicycles in our house. There are a total of 4 simple bicycles available. Just contact us for booking information. Here is an overview of our current bikes:

Bike rental Günzburg - Rad Schwarz

Wheel "Panther"

low entry
luggage rack
suspension fork front
road equipment
Shimano derailleur jaw brakes

Bike rental Günzburg - Bike white

Wheel "Yeti"

Luggage Rack
Front Suspension Fork
Road Equipment
Shimano Derailleur
Jaw Brakes

Wheel "Freya"

comfortable saddle
deep entry
jaw brakes
road equipment

Bike rental Günzburg - bike green blue

Wheel "Neptune"

high entry in road bike style
Luggage rack
Road equipment
Jaw brakes

Wheel "Hercules"

2-fold luggage rack
Road equipment deep entry

brakes Hub gear

Wheel "Ktm"

Luggage rackStreet